Car Air Conditioning

Keep your cool! Make sure your air-con is working properly.

We are able to recharge your car’s air conditioning whether your vehicle uses the older R134a (£50+VAT) or the newer R1234yf (£90+VAT) refrigerant gases.

What does car air conditioning do?

Car air conditioning is the system within your car that keeps the air cool on hot days. It’s made up of three main parts – the compressor, the condensor and the evaporator. They work together to move refrigerant gas through the system which spreads cool air through the vehicle. It’s important to have the refrigerant level in your air conditioning system checked regularly.

Possible problems with car air conditioning.

It’s a complex system and problems can arise, such as:

  • weak air flow – this could be caused by a loose hose or a broken seal somewhere in the air conditioning system
  • the air isn’t cold anymore – this could be caused by a loose hose or a broken seal or even something more serious such as, the condensor or the evaporator not working correctly.
  • air goes from cold to warm – this could be a problem with the compressor, a clogged expansion valve or a leak within the air conditioning system.

Car air conditioning service

As with most mechanical parts, car air con systems need regular checks and servicing so if you’ve noticed any of the issues above or any others, rest assured that at Jupiter Garage, we offer a complete range of services in to ensure your system is running both cleanly and safely. These range from the checking, re-charging and anti-bacterial cleaning of your air-conditioning system to a full leak test and repair, all in the local Sheffield area.

To find out more about our Car Air Conditioning in Sheffield, get in touch online or call us directly on 0114 255 3554

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