Shock Absorbers

What are shock absorbers?

The job of shock absorbers is quite simply to absorb the effects of driving over bumps and pot-holes so that you have a smooth driving experience. Over years of driving, wear and tear of shock absorbers is perfectly normal so if you arrive at your destination feeling like you’ve absorbed the shock of all the uneven surfaces you’ve driven on instead of your shock absorbers, then it’s time to contact Jupiter Garage in Sheffield.

Why choose Jupiter Garage for shock absorber repairs?

We offer a full inspection and performance test of your shock absorbers. We will repair or replace key components with quality parts to ensure optimum performance and safety from your vehicle. Not only are these parts essential to the safety of your driving, if they start to fail they can impair the car’s performance and may lead to you failing your MOT so don’t leave it too late – come into Jupiter Garage.

To find out more about our Shock Absorbers in Sheffield, get in touch online or call us directly on 0114 255 3554

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