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At Jupiter Garage, we have the right tyres to suit your budget and the requirements of your vehicle.

Tips to keep your tyres in good condition.

Tyres are what connect your vehicle to the road and so it is not only essential to pick the right tyres but also to ensure they are kept in good condition. At Jupiter Garage, we can give you expert advice on what size of tyre you need, tyre pressure, wheel balancing, and can ensure you have correct type of tyre for the surface you’re driving on.

  1. Make sure your tyre pressure is correct – optimum tyre pressure is essential for car safety ensuring that your tyres don’t over heat and that they handle correctly on the road. Correct tyre pressure also saves you money by avoiding uneven tread and worn patches on your tyres so your tyres will last longer.
  2. Keep an eye on your tyres’ tread depth to make sure that they are well within the legally required limit. At Jupiter Garage, we’ll check this for you and let you know if they are getting close to needing replacing. As your tyre tread wears out, braking distance increases so it’s vital that tyre tread is checked regularly.
  3. Check regularly for tyre damage which can be caused by uneven road surfaces, potholes or even making an emergency stop. Cuts and grazes to the tyre can lead to slow punctures or sudden tyre failure which is why at Jupiter Garage, we give each tyre a thorough examination.
  4. Correct wheel alignment is essential so that you don’t experience uneven tyre wear or braking and so that your car doesn’t pull to the left or right while you’re driving. Our expert team in Sheffield will align your wheels at affordable prices.

Why get your car tyres from Jupiter Garage?

We stock a wide selection of tyres to meet every need and budget. The tyres you need depend on the type and amount of driving that you do whether you are mainly an urban driver doing short distances, or spend hours driving long distances on motorways or perhaps you have a sports car that needs high performance tyres, at Jupiter Garage Sheffield, we will have the tyre for you. If you’re not sure what kind of tyre you need, we’ll advise you on which tyres to go for to ensure best performance from your car and to suit your budget.

To find out more about our Car Tyres in Sheffield, get in touch online or call us directly on 0114 255 3554 or you can order tyres directly below, please note that all prices are subject to VAT.

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